Sunday, February 28, 2010

How many ribs?

The question I posed last night is how many ribs can one man cook on a large big green egg. Before I even begin to let you know what I think the answer is, let me say that it does not get much better than staring at this at 8 am.

Ok. Now back to the question at hand. The answer is that if you are stacking ribs up into one gigantic hunk of meat you can really cook a pretty ridiculous amount at one time. I did 5 slabs and for me it was little too much. I mean it was not a tremendous problem, but making sure all the slabs got a good coating of sauce was a bit difficult and messy.

I did not have my typical dry rub from Evan's Spices, and with the quantity of ribs, I did them all wet. I usually like to have some wet and some dry. I basically cooked them in my normal style (see previous ribs post), with the only difference being that I was a little more generous with the brown sugar this time. On a side note, I have yet to reach the point where I feel like I have used too much brown sugar. Overall, everything went well...without too much trouble, I fed 8 adults with 5 slabs of ribs (with some left overs for the in-laws), but going forward I still think it is easier to pay more attention to a smaller batch of food.


  1. Wow, 5 racks. Awesome. How long did you cook 'em? Does it take longer when you stack 'em up? Does the brown sugar go on with the dry rub, or at some other point? Would love to know your technique.

  2. I only stacked the ribs during the last 45 min or so when I was wetting them down with sauce. I used a rib rack that stands them up like toast in a toaster. This time I put brown sugar on with the rub at the beginning of the cook, but normally after the ribs have been on for a couple of hours, I pull them and wrap them in foil, but first I pour apple juice in the bottom of the foil and sprinkle them with brown sugar and honey. Check out a prior post on Baby Back ribs and I write everything out there. I just found the method on youtube. I am a big fan.

  3. I don't like cooking more than two either, just my preference, I don't like a crowded grate. I've been meaning to get an adjustable rig and that might change my way of thinking.

  4. Just put on 9, it isnt that bad.