Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Born Filet

Ok, so there is no such thing as a new born least that I know of. Let me explain. We welcomed a new addition to our family this week and we have had a great support network of family and friends bringing food and helping out in various ways. Tonight we had some friends of ours bring us some prime filet from the local butcher shop for our dinner tonight.

I must confess that to date I have been a supermarket meat kind of guy. So I don't know if it was the cut of meat, or my second go round with the filet on the BGE that caused the significant improvement, but needless to say, my wife and I enjoyed one of the better steaks we have had in quite a while!

I basically just seasoned the steak with a little coarse salt and fresh ground pepper, with a splash of Dales sauce. From there it was your basic T-rex cook.

I had the egg up to just under 700 degrees and seared the meat for about two minutes on each side and then shut everything down and just let the steaks continue to cook for another 3-5 min till the meat temp was 140 degrees. This was a nice cook just shy of Medium, which is exactly how my wife likes her steaks.

The end result....Absolutely fantastic. I mean this was as good of a steak as I have had in a long time and it made for an excellent dinner and evening!

Monday, January 3, 2011

30 Min Brine

I was loading up on some BGE charcoal from my local supplier and they were giving away a free box of 30 min brine. How can you pass that up?

So I thought I would smoke a chicken tonight with a variety of veggies. First I prepared my veggies so they would be ready to go, then I followed the instructions to get the brine ready. I also made sure not to neglect the oft overlooked key ingredient to every good cook!

So after brining the chicken, no longer than 30 min according to the instructions, I threw the chicken and veggies on the Egg for an indirect cook at about 375 degrees. I used apple wood chips for the smoke.

I cooked the chicken for a little over an hour till the breast meat reached 175 degrees, all the while occasionally stirring the veggies. When everything was done, I pulled it off, carved it up, and chowed down!

At the end of the day, it was pretty good, but I did not think the 30 min Brine provided enough flavor to not need some added rub or seasoning, which I elected not to add. Oh well....a so/so meal on the egg is better than any fast food I could have picked up, and the veggies were right on time.