Saturday, November 27, 2010

Overboard on Appetizers

Well, after a long day of watching football, eating fajitas, and suffering through a gut wrenching Iron Bowl, my buddy and I got a little over exited in our celebratory cook for dinner and ended up with an absurd amount of food for just 4 adults. I must say that I was proud of our appetizers. They really stole the show from our wings. We had jalapeno poppers and mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese and salami wrapped in bacon....I get hungry just remembering those bad boys!

Day after Thanksgiving Fajitas?

Yep, that's our house we went with all to popular tradition of Fajitas on the Egg on the day after Thanksgiving. I had a buddy over and we were cooking most of the day and watching football. We decided to do something a little different so we went with Fajitas. I got this recipe from Nibble Me This. It was great. I followed it to the T except I did not have any Tequila for the marinade, so just click on the above link for the recipe. The finishing sauce was the perfect touch!

I used a Flank Steak that was nearly 2lbs and while it was great, I prefer my meat to be a little thinner in a fajita so I might a different piece of meat next time. But that is just me.

After about 5 min per side at a temp of about 500 degrees, we threw some veggies on the grill (yes, I need a cast iron skillet!), and then served everything up for a nice holiday lunch!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random, Recent Dinners

Chicken Wings....

Thin Crust Pizza....

Smoked Meat Loaf....