Sunday, June 12, 2011

Juicy Lucy!

Well, I have come to find out that I had previously been cooking this burger under the wrong name. A burger made with two patties and cheese in the middle is in fact called a Juicy Lucy....or so says The Travel Channel's Man vs. Food. Just having the name correct added that special bit of magic that makes this one of my favorite burgers!

I used some good ol' ground beef (nothing fancy here) and made two fairly thing patties. Next I folded up a piece of Amercian cheese into fours and placed it in the middle of one patty.

After that I formed the two patties together into one (and repeated the process 4 times) and then cooked the burgers on the grill (at about 400 degrees) for 8-9 min on one side and then flipped to the other side for an additional 8-9 min. I let the burgers and primarily the cheese, cool for a few min and then served with some sweet potato fries. Careful, the cheese stays warm for quite a while (which is great)! Hard to beat a good homemade burger!

Quick posts on Wings

I have been on the road for many weeks in a row, so being home for a full weekend with good weather, I took full advantage of the Egg and cooked Saturday for lunch and dinner and Sunday for lunch.

Saturday for lunch, I went with wings because it had been a while and while there is nothing new here, I think I figured out my optimal method for cooking wings. I smoked the wings for an hour or so at nearly 400 degrees (probably somewhere closer to 390 degrees). This allowed for me to still smoke the wings to have nice juicy meat and yet get the skin hot enough to crisp up nicely. I previously waffled between cooking them direct or smoking them at a much lower temperature....this compromise worked nicely!