Sunday, June 12, 2011

Juicy Lucy!

Well, I have come to find out that I had previously been cooking this burger under the wrong name. A burger made with two patties and cheese in the middle is in fact called a Juicy Lucy....or so says The Travel Channel's Man vs. Food. Just having the name correct added that special bit of magic that makes this one of my favorite burgers!

I used some good ol' ground beef (nothing fancy here) and made two fairly thing patties. Next I folded up a piece of Amercian cheese into fours and placed it in the middle of one patty.

After that I formed the two patties together into one (and repeated the process 4 times) and then cooked the burgers on the grill (at about 400 degrees) for 8-9 min on one side and then flipped to the other side for an additional 8-9 min. I let the burgers and primarily the cheese, cool for a few min and then served with some sweet potato fries. Careful, the cheese stays warm for quite a while (which is great)! Hard to beat a good homemade burger!


  1. Nice looking burgers! I have been lucky enough to have eaten Juicy Lucys at both the Minneapolis bars that claim to have invented them - Matt's and the 5-8 Club. Matt's makes the better burger, but the 5-8 has onion strings. Tough call. I'll have to give them a try at home.

  2. Great looking burgers. I will give it a try with some pepper jack cheese.


  3. Jucy Lucys rock and they leave so much to the cooks discretion when it comes to flavorings. I want to try chopping up a cooked ABT and stuffing it in a burger or two!

  4. Fascinatng. Learn something new every day. Had never heard of a Juicy Lucy. Thanks food-fire for the background info. The burgers look great!

    Gary & Maria

  5. We watched the same episode and my kids love these burgers. Feel free to check out my blog and let me know what you think.